nxproc is a Tcl extension that provides a named-argument procedures with syntax very similar to Tcl/TclOO commands: proc, constructor and method.

The main difference is how arguments to the command are specified. Creating a command with nxproc looks like this:

nxproc myproc {-person_name "NAME" -home_address "LOCATION"} {
    # use variables
    puts "Name is: $person_name"
    puts "Address: $home_address"

And running the command:

myproc -home_address "100 Main Street, BigCity, Eastern-State" -person_name "Tom Thumb"
Name is: Tom Thumb
Address: 100 Main Street, BigCity, Eastern-State

nxproc commands allow a great deal of flexibility and convenience especially when several procedure input parameters are necessary. Performance is good to excellent.

The distribution archive contains ready-to-use binaries for Linux and Windows systems. For others, complete source is included. Compiling is straightforward. The project uses the configdef configuration utility which makes reconfiguring to individual requirements easy. (Please consult the configdef documentation for details.)

nxproc download available here

nxproc documentation

Visit configdef project