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SIS, abstract faces
"J Altfas" "Camelia B" screenprint 2020
Photo, dramatic sunset off island of Kawai
J Altfas, Heaven's Faces (Sunset Near Kawai), photograph, 2018
Screenprint of a Geranium
Geranium ~1989
Monotype, abstract, nuclear reactor
"J Altfas" "Flux #11" monotype 2015
Monotype, desert scene
"J Altfas" "Desert at twilight" monotype 2013

Welcome to thin^air  ART!

The art of printmaking is a prime focus at Thinair. Constant priorities are showing innovative work from our own and other artist studios and strongly encouraging a DIY attitude.

Beyond printmaking, Thinair looks at compelling topics in the arts and sciences, technology, health, and many more. Having no strict limits on subject matter means it's wide open, most anything could show up here.

Thinair->ART is a paradox. Personal yet striving for the universal, we hope you find our site thought-provoking and just maybe enjoy a few laughs too. Is it so radical an idea? That is, having fun and being actually useful at the same time…

On art: Artisan Fair
Sun 19 Nov 2023 18:47:40 PST
Booth at Trinity Episcopal Art Fair
J Altfas, Booth at Trinity Art Fair,2023

This was quite an event! We were invited to participate in Trinity Episcopal's annual Artisan Fair, held the second week in November 2023. Of course it's wise to take advantage of these opportunities when they… read the article

To health: Recipe news and updates
Thu 04 Aug 2022 22:49:01 PDT

Today marks a milestone. With the latest additions the size of the Recipe Collection now totals 50 unique recipes!

What's exciting is not only reaching such a nice grand total, but the number and types of… read the article

Site news: Fugue state
Fri 08 Oct 2021 10:38:12 PDT
pipe organ
Pipe organ (church unspecified)

Guaranteed, you don't care. A topic incredibly boring to all but very few readers, chances are even they might not really understand the information. And likely enough as long as things work OK still fewer… read the article

To health: Exploiting Food Science for good (not evil)
Mon 05 Apr 2021 16:38:51 PDT

The words “food science” certainly should arouse fear and dread in any cogent being. We rightfully cringe at hearing it, after all credibility of so many “experts” proves marginal at best.

A better approach is sticking… read the article