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Mon 19 Feb 2024 15:13:26 PST

Welcome to Thinair's recipe collection! Explore easy recipes that help you follow your reduced sodium diet—and still enjoy great style and taste!

No question about it, getting proper nutrition is vital!

But for low sodium dieters, very few worthy prepackaged choices are available. Even the best restaurants have little to offer. It's not news your meager options hardly qualify as “good eating”.

Our recipes have been specially developed for people needing to sharply reduce sodium intake. But we get it, what you really crave is food that's truly tasty—now you can have it.

The recipes on this site have not only been extensively tested, they are exactly the stuff we ourselves eat every day. That means you can be sure what's here lives up to its billing!

So you can have great tasting food. All it costs is the small effort you need to invest in preparing it.

Believe it when we say it's just not that hard—and the reward is tremendous. So take a look and see how it's done!

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Recipes (By Category)

Shrimp,kale,chickpea meal
Shrimp, kale and garbanzos make an excellent meal!